How to Buy a Watch for Literally Anybody

Why Watches?

Why Watches?

Watches look like they will soon fade away into extinction. Other technologies like cellphones fit easily into your pocket and perform many functions in addition to telling time. Why on Earth would you ever buy a watch? Well, watches look classy and don’t require a signal to work correctly.

Which Watches Suit Women?

Which Watches Suit Women?

Women have a hard time shopping for watches. If stores sell watches, then they sell them for men. Women often have to settle for wearing a man’s watch, and that watch dwarfs their smaller wrists. Any watch you buy for a woman should look like a bracelet, not a shackle.

Which Watches Suit Men?

Which Watches Suit Men?

Men have used watches as status symbols for hundreds of years. They’ll inherit watches from their fathers or grandfathers, and they’ll buy the nicest watch they can find, even if that watch costs thousands of dollars. You should still choose carefully when you shop for a man’s watch though.

Do Children Like Watches?

Do Children Like Watches?

Don’t waste money on a child’s watch! If you buy watches for your children, you should do it with a purpose. Children already have their phones if they want to know the time. However, you could teach them about analog clocks with a watch. They may need that skill someday.

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